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GeneXpert Offers DNA Test at Home. We focuses on Preventive health to equip people with the knowledge of Health, Nutrition, Fitness and Personalised Medicine. Your DNA and its interaction with your environment defines your health, beauty, wellness and illness. DNA determines many visible physical characteristics about you such as eye, hair and skin colour, height and many invisible aspects of you such as current state of health, future predispositions and your suitability to various foods, medications and activities. Our Genes are inherited from biological parents. This is how the characteristics of parents and grandparents are passed on through families. Longevity, predisposition from disease and protection from disease can also be passed on through family lineage. Contact Us: +91 9047077111

Detailed information about Swimming Pool Services

The swimming pool is one of the most enjoyable places in every home during the summer days. If you’re a homeowner and having a swimming pool, then you’ve some responsibilities for maintaining the swimming pool. Because, well maintained swimming pools will make your place clean and provides a beautiful look to your home. Swimming pool service providers can maintain your pool in the way of balancing the pH levels, adding chemicals, and cleaning the filters. If you’re going to employ a pool service provider, then there are some important things you should keep in your mind.

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What do you look when hiring a Roofing Contractor?

Roofing is one of the most expensive parts that homeowners will install or replace them. A well constructed and quality materials used roofs are providing an average of 30 years of lifespan. When your roofs require a replacement or new roofing system to be installed, it is lightly difficult to know which roofing contractor to hire for the job. Most of the homeowners hiring a roof replacement contractor based on their prices. But, it may result in a worst quality of roof installation and it will lead to minimize the look of your home. Here are some important tips discussed for hiring the best roofing contractor to your property.

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How to perform a Swimming Pool Leak Detection Dye Test?

If you own a swimming pool in your home, then it is more responsible for you as a home owner to maintain the pool. When you have noticed that you’re adding more water than normal to your swimming pool, probably your pool may have a leakage problem. To identify the leaks on the pool, you need to perform leak detection methods. Dye test is one of the quickest and easiest methods to find out the leaks on your swimming pool. Dye test equipment can be purchased from the most swimming pool stores near you. To perform a dye test is only requires the red liquid and dropper bottle from old pool water maintenance test kits.

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Advantages of wood flooring and decking

Wood flooring and decking have become a popular fashion in metropolitan houses. Wood flooring is also seen in libraries and schools. Wood flooring and ceiling can convert a simple house into a work of art. Decking is the perfect way of extending the entertainment area in short spaces. It also enhances the outlook of the house. Decking is also used for extending outdoor patios, balconies and swimming pools. There are numerous advantages of using wood for flooring and decking. These are for practical uses. The texture of the wood gives a different look and feeling to the house. Moreover the base material is durable and does not require high maintenance. Hardwoods like Grooved Floor boards and Tongue are used for flooring. Hardwoods such as Garapa, Balau, Ipe and Massaranduba are used for construction of decking. Wood decking is also flexible. For more information visit the website of The Country Woods:

Incoming president Trump’s best healthcare quotes, over two decades

Trump is known for being fickle-minded. In 1988, he spoke passionately on several political issues, but concluded that he “probably” would never run for office. Then in 1998, he considered a presidential run. This can also be said of his stance on various healthcare issues.

With his win in the recent elections, we look at all the things he has said about healthcare in America.

Breaking down Budget 2017 spending for Malaysia’s healthcare system

During last Friday’s Budget 2017 address, Prime Minister Dato’ Seri Najib Razak announced that a total of RM25 billion will be allocated for the Ministry of Health (MOH) to boost the health of the people and the quality of healthcare in the country.

Here’s how that amount is scheduled to be utilised in the coming year:

Blood types and their associated disease risks

Almost on the heels of the 1900 ABO blood group discovery, some scientists began plotting out various associations of the blood types with certain human traits, ranging from personality to appropriate diets, the so-called blood group diet being merely one of the latest such fads.

In Singapore, most people are Rhesus positive (A+, B+, O+, AB+), and only less than 1% of the population are Rhesus negative (A-, B-, O- and AB-). This Rhesus-negative blood type is found most commonly in Singaporean Indians (6%), compared to other racial groups (less than 1%).