The Top 10 Logo Fails

What makes a great logo? The answers have been covered many times over, and eventually boil down to the one common phrase: quality trumps everything. And conversely, this is where a lot of logos start to go wrong. Compromises are made in one or more ways, whether it’s money or lack of vision – or even a severe amount of self-belief when someone doesn’t have the talent to back it up!
Our infographic gives a great overview of the most common issues that are found when logos move from greatness into complete and utter failure. Whether it’s a very poor choice of graphics, poor font use, color schemes that just don’t work, or overenthusiastic design skills – we cover them all and let you quickly see the top 10 logo failures in recent memory.
Look out for the surprise additions; we’re not taking the easy route and looking for smutty or inappropriate images. No, we delve deeper into graphic design failures as a whole.

Infographic by Top 10 Logo Fails

How to Write Perfect SEO-Optimized Articles

People are no longer going to local stores for the products that they are seeking because one click in Google will make them see what they are looking for. For a business like yours, you need to optimize your website to make sure that it will be shown on top of Google searches. One way to do that is to optimize your articles. If you don’t know how to start, read through this infographic.


  1.       Avoid keyword stuffing.
  2.      Find the best parts where you can put the keywords.
  3.      Go for mobile-friendly websites or blogsites.
  4.      Maximize the use of meta descriptions
  5.        Let them read what your images are about.


Factors to be Considered before Buying Electric Bikes

Electric bikes are similar to normal bikes except for the fact which is the motor fixed in it. It requires only less human work. Planning to buy an electric bike is not a simple thing since you need to look for certain qualities in the bike which you purchase. Some of the basic things you should consider are your lifestyle, your budget and the purpose for which you are buying the bike. Some people choose for maintaining their health and some for transportation means. Electric bikes can be speeded upto 15 mph and its average power is 200W. The battery in it is rechargeable. Electric bikes are cost efficient and you can even travel on challenging road conditions.

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Beau brummell for men ultimate skincare routine for gentlemen

The ultimate skincare guide is here to help the modern gentleman stay handsome and elegant. While most men have different skin types, this guide is here to help any man by giving the essential pillars to maintaining elegant skin. Scrubbing your face to deep clean and exfoliate your pores. Washing your face to clean out the impurities. And moisturizing your face to make it smooth and elegant. Stay smooth and elegant, so you can stay handsome.

Infographic by men’s grooming

The best executive cars to Buy in the UK in 2017

Executive cars, because of their spacious body styles and luxurious interior, have been highly popular across globe for decades, especially in the European automobile market. If you go back to 1970’s, executive car was a buzz word among auto-lovers. Owing to fuel crisis, the sales of these vehicles couldn’t rocket up with the passage of time, however, the production wasn’t halted. Among the earliest executive car manufacturers, Jaguar’s name cannot be omitted. Some of the automakers initially assembled this class of vehicles but abandoned the idea soon. Modern automotive world is characterized by cutting edge technology and manufacturers are utilizing it to produce stunning vehicles. Audi, Mercedes, Jaguar, Volvo and some other brands are among the leading manufacturers of executive cars. If you are a denizen of UK and you are trawling for a superb executive car, we shall provide you complete information about the most popular models. In the following infographic, you can go through a detailed account of top 10 best executive cars to buy in the UK in 2017.

Interesting and promising facts about transport in Australia

With almost every business in Australia relying on transport services in some way, the freight industry is a fast-growing market. Western Australia also operates in the same time zone as 60 per cent of the world’s population, thus creating a fantastic opportunity for importers and exporters from the country to do business with strong global players. This leads to more growth within each business sector and boosts the economy of Australia.

Different Types of Hardwood Floors

Wood floors add a homey feeling for the family, so it can be a good choice if you’re currently on remodelling your house. However, the choice of wood floors should be thought over because there are areas in the house, e.g bathroom, and kitchen that require more attention when it comes to flooring choices. This infographic will give you an idea.

  1. Unfinished hardwood flooring versus prefinished hardwood flooring depends on how you want to customize your floors.
  2. Solid hardwood flooring and engineered hardwood flooring give you options between style and efficiency.
  3. Oak, maple, cherry, bamboo, walnut, ash and mahogany are all good options for your floorings.

Preventing Fire Caused by Halloween

Fire accidents happen when you least expect it, that’s why you need to be prepared all the time. The National Fire Protection Association can attest those fire incidents are caused primarily by holiday decorations. Don’t wait that you will be needing help from a disaster company to clean up the residues of fire. This infographic is timely since Halloween season is fast approaching. Follow the practices mentioned here so you can avoid fire burning your holidays.


  1. Keep flammable decorations away from heat source.
  2. Battery operated candles could be a better option than real ones.
  3. Don’t use open flames as decorations on your sidewalks.
  4. No costumes with long trails because it might brush against an open flame.