9 Hot Chocolate Variations

With so many uses for cold weather decorating, these Hot Chocolate signs are sure to add fun and a festive look to your holiday projects. The Hot Chocolate Infographic has 9 variations of hot chocolate, all with only 4 to 6 ingredients. Perfect for creating a hot chocolate gift basket with most of the ingredients to make each delightful hot cocoa variety. Or use it as recipes for a Hot Chocolate Bar. If you’d like to create something more permanent, laminate the infographic or glue it to a piece of wood and seal it with clear acrylic spray. Choose from the following recipes for hot cocoa: Peppermint, Eggnog Flavor, Candy Bar, Mint White Chocolate, Peanut Butter, Pumpkin Pie, Mexican Spice, Dark Chocolate or White Cranberry.

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6 Advantages Your Website Platform Should Have

When it comes to the website platform you use to manage your site, there are advantages that should be built in to whatever service you use. These six advantages are ones that can help your website run faster, safer and smarter. If your current website platform doesn’t come with these advantages, you might want to consider alternative options, like the Locallogy Rapid Platform.

This website platform was created with these six advantages built in, plus many more. In addition to these helpful features, the Locallogy Rapid Platform is known for delivering stunning websites that are cost-effective and built by a team of professionals.

Not all website platforms are created equally, but the Locallogy Rapid Platform is one that delivers these six advantages and more.

Could poisonous plants ruin your summer?

Infographic Description:

As you cross over a dirt trail, you come into contact with some unusual shrubbery. From just a basic visual, these plants seem harmless; however, post-contact it won’t be long until an itchy and painful rash has spread to the various spots on your body. This somewhat ominous scenario isn’t meant to alarm you. With basic awareness, you can avoid poisons ivy, sumac, and oak. Simply follow the guide below and the complementary infographic, and you will have a safe and enjoyable summer. Read More

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Fonts easy to read with “il1” rule

Infographic Description:

When writing a web page or blog article content quality is a key aspect. The way we present them, choosing correct fonts and layouts, is equally  important.

Try to find fonts that pass the “Il1” rule. Type a capital I a lowercase l and a number 1 next to each other. If you can’t tell the difference between these characters, you may run into some trouble when setting the text.

In this infographic there are the most used fonts in the web. Each font has been evaluated based on its readability

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Quiz: How Well Do You Know Your Glasses?

In a country where 64% of adults wear corrective eyeglasses, you’d like to think knowledge on your prescription glasses is strong. Here’s a quiz that will truly test how much you know on how to take care of your glasses, how to maintain and care for them, the size measurements on the glasses, what prescriptions to use, and how to get the correct information to order glasses online.

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Benefits of Melanin Rich Skin

Melanin is the primary determinant of what gives color or pigment to the skin, hair, and iris of the eyes. It is also present in almost every organ of the body. Humans with dark pigmentation (referred to in many cultures as brown or black) have skin naturally rich in melanin. In this infographic we show you some of the key benefits of having darker skin in warmer climates. Everything from the superior protection against the sun and ultraviolet radiation to the way it protects your eyes. It also shows some little known facts about how dark skin helps prevent cancer, aids in human reproduction, protects against hearing loss, and prevents wrinkles.

Infographic by Melanin Benefits

BEST OF THE SALOONS! Top 10 Saloon Cars in the UK (Part 1 of 2)

Car has become the need of almost every individual now days. People buy the cars according to their needs. But now people try to buy such vehicle that fulfill the needs of all aspects. Like a car, that is spacy, smart, packed with intelligent features and gadgets, speedy as well as powerful. When we need all these things under one roof, there is nothing better than a Saloon. A Saloon is the car that is neither as big as a truck or even as an SUV nor as compressed as a coupe. It offers suitable space and is fit for all types of moods. Packed with powerful engine and smart features, the Saloons are the best vehicles to use. They are also attractive in looks and sleek in designs. In this infographics, we have sum-up the best 5 saloons in the UK focusing the features like Engine, Top speed and Horsepower. A detailed comparison is shown for you to determine yourself that which one is the best saloon for you.

6 Social Media Behaviors To Avoid In 2018

Social media is an important marketing tool today. Everybody wants to use it to promote their site or business. But are you doing it the right way? There are many things that you can do wrong and will more hurt than help you.

Here are the 6 most critical social media behaviors to avoid in 2018 in order to be successful with your social media marketing. There is a lot more to keep an eye on and be careful about but if you start with these 6 tips you’ll see an immediate improvement. Give it a try and you’ll see what difference a few small things like these can do.

Infographic by 6 social media behaviors to avoid in 2018

Registered Nurse Employment and Wages Guide

This registered nurse guide will give you on overall impression of the salary you can expect as a nurse in various states in America. Industry employment opportunities are available, with a mean average salary included. States which pay the top rate can be easily accessed. If you are unsure which type of nursing practice you wish to follow a guide to the roles you can expect to undertake is also shown. This is a checklist of information you might need when undertaking a career as a registered nurse. This can act as a quick reference guide giving you all the information at a glance.

Infographic by Nursesalaryguide.net