6 Types of Smiles

They said that people keep their temper through smiling. Others believed that those who smile a lot actually have many problems while those who frown have hidden agenda. You cannot really tell because some smiles are well-meant while others are fake. Read this infographic so you’ll have an idea on whose smile is most convincing.

1. A smile that does not show teeth, lips are clamped and look like of a chimpanzee is a fear smile.

2. A long smile with a little bit of intensity is a genuine one.

3. If the smile was done fast and the eyes did not smile as well, it could be a fake one.

20 Unique Ways to Generate Seller Leads

Real estate is becoming more competitive each year. Real estate agents and investors need to think outside the box to generate new seller leads for their businesses. Door-knocking and sending out letters are very competitive with new agents and investors flooding the industry every week. The most successful agents and investors find different ways to reach their target audience. We put together an infographic of some of the unique ways to generate seller leads to help you stand out from the crowd.

Infographic by www.nexushomebuyers.com

Tire Myths

Are you travelling using your personal car? Was there a time when your tires got damaged because you hit some sharp items such as nails? What have you done first? Did you insert a plug or a patching item? Unfortunately, this is not a real solution to the problem. This infographic will debunk myths about tires.


  1. Do not confuse a plug and a patch. A plug is inserted from the outside until the air stopped from leaking.
  2. A fix-a-flat is a temporary solution to tire problems. It simply covers the holes but you must find an auto repair shop within a hundred mile of driving.

6 Ways to Take Care of Your Car During Fall

It is not easy to maintain a car and it requires extra care during the fall or winter season. However, to ensure that the life of the car is maximized and that it won’t break down while you are in the road, this infographic will tell you what to do especially during the mentioned seasons.

  1. Check the tires because roads can be slippery.
  2. You may have used air conditioning and not the heater of your car, so check both heating and cooling systems to ensure that it works best even for fall and winter season.
  3. Brakes should be a top priority because the inability to control it could mean life and death.

Simple Updates for a Holiday-Ready Kitchen

For some homeowners, updating their kitchen may seem costly and is not necessary, but as we look into the benefits of having a fresh look for your kitchen, we can see its effectivity. The holiday season is fast approaching, more and more people are already starting to decorate different embellishments to their home to embrace the holiday spirit. And for agitated homeowners, starting where to update seems to be a hard choice to make.

During the holidays, food is one of the highlights where different family’s feasts, and that is why you should start updating your kitchen to let your guests and family have a comfortable time dining. Kitchens should always be sanitized and updated for reasons that most of the food served every day is stored in this area. One good way to start updating your kitchen is by making it spick and span. Cleaning every area of your kitchen thoroughly will help you to focus on areas where you will need to reface the whole fixture and save the equipment that can still help you operate your kitchen.

To help you more on how you can update your kitchen this holiday season, you may check out the infographic below created by Mr. Cabinet Care.

5 Reasons Feedback and Reviews Are Important for Online Sellers

Feedback is an essential part of online selling. In the online marketplace, the primary consideration of a buyer when purchasing an item online is the reviews of previous customers. Allowing feedback on the items you are selling encourages others to buy the product.


  1. It also leads to high search rankings.
  2. It can tell you which products are performing well and have been positively accepted by the customers.
  3. You get to know your customer’s preferences which could be a basis for future product designs.
  4. Relationships can be built online.
  5. You can be proactive by detecting possible problems.

5 Ways to Get More Customers on Cyber Monday

With the presence of thousands of websites offering differentiated products, competition in the online marketplace is tight. However, there are certain occasions that can be used at your advantage. Holidays are great times of the year to sell your products at a sale, but if everybody is selling at a discount, you need to do the following to get ahead:

1. Dedicated landing pages to capture the interest of the viewer since you are in tune with the season.

2. Optimize images on your website to be easily seen and crawled by search engines.

3. Use mobile-friendly websites. Most people now access websites through their phones.

4. Use holiday keywords.

5. Social media is the best place to keep in touch with your target market.

Advanced Search Operators for SEO Link Building

In the past, SEO experts used direct submissions and SEO tools to get links. These outdated tools and tactics are no longer useful. In fact, a few of the old techniques can actually attract penalization from Google. Today, most webmasters are well versed with the advanced SEO tactics to find link building opportunities but analyzing these activities through Google Search is a whole new ball game. To remain on top of this game, you need to be well versed with the search operators. Search operators enable you to clear the clutter from your search and make it more effective. The infographic here narrows them down for you through an easy-to-understand description. Below, I’ve explained, in detail, some of the vital search operators that will aid in your efforts.

Infographic by SEO Optimizers