Infographic: Here’s Why We Think You Shouldn’t Try DIY Car Repairs

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Entrepreneur VS Consumer Mindset

This infographic compares the psychological differences between entrepreneurs and typical consumers. The reality of starting a business is that it requires a high level of mental toughness to succeed. Understanding the mindset differences will help you identify traits that you’ve aligned with yourself and make relevant changes if you so desire. The graphic also helps people see how we can quite easily become products of our consumer culture environments if we aren’t careful. People that consistently find themselves in bad situations are usually operating through a method of thinking that isn’t serving them.

Infographic by Bengu

Facts about viral infographics

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Bobcat Hire – A Beneficial Way of Excavation

Home renovation and improvement makes every individual to rejoice. During the construction process excavation is said to be an important factor. Hiring a bobcat can be a best option for excavation work. Planning to purchase a bobcat can affect your budget. Excavation is said to be complicated and risky process and it is essential to approach an established company. Excavators can be used for construction, landscaping and agriculture purposes. Not only quality excavators can benefit you, but also operators must be trained and licensed. For more details, visit

Top 10 Most Harmful Chemicals In Deodorants You Are Letting In Every Day

Aluminum-based compounds are one of the active ingredients used in deodorants (particularly deodorants that contain antiperspirants). Their primary role is to block the skin pores temporarily from producing sweat. Aluminum is a reported neurotoxin, which can inhibit 200+ biologically vital functions in the body. It can cause adverse effects in humans, plants, and animals.

Research Says: When the skin absorbs the aluminum compounds from deodorants, it can interfere with the way estrogen receptors of breast cells function. Here is a study that confirms this statement. It also promotes the growth of cancerous & non-cancerous cells. According to scientists, consistent use of aluminum-based deodorants might increase the risk of breast cancer.

Infographic mobile impacting travel industry comprehensive guide

The growth of Smartphones and the App economy has been the biggest disruptive change in travel since the internet. So what do travel firms need to know about the #mobile revolution? We decided to create an infographic with extensive information on the key mobile statistics, trends and tips to help you get your travel enterprise mobile-ready!

5 Signs Google Sites is the Best Asset for Your Small Business’s Website

Google recently released a service that allows businesses to create a customized mini website through Google—for free. For larger businesses or those that already have a website, Google Sites probably won’t be the best option. But for business owners who just want a few simple pages that give basic information, Google Sites is a cheaper and quicker way to kick start your online presence.
Google Sites is a great low-tier website option, but for business owners who want a high-quality, fully designed website built from scratch, there are many web designers out there who can give you a more detailed design. You can also find something in between these two options; a cost-effective website platform that gives you more design flexibility and additional features that Google Sites doesn’t have. A service like the Locallogy Rapid Platform gets your website up and running in just 10 business days for the fraction of the cost of a website that is built from scratch.
It might not be free—like Google Sites—but you get a lot more bang for your buck.

What Type of Contraception Should I Use?

This is an educational infographic to show women that they have many different contraception methods. Many people think that condoms and the pill are all there is – that’s not true! There are plenty of options that don’t involve hormones and are much longer lasting. Follow the workflow to figure out your options. If you’re in doubt, please talk to a medical professional.

Infographic by Contraception Methods